From A to Arbitration

Episode 9-2: PS Form 1769/300 Accident Report

Corey continues to discuss how to defend carriers against discipline related to accidents. He emphasizes the importance of Article 41.3P of the JCAM, which requires management to promptly notify the branch president after a vehicle accident. Failure to do so violates due process and provides a strong argument for the carrier. He highlights two boxes on PS Form 1769, “Serious Accident” and “Preventative Action”, as they can be used as defenses to discipline if management filled them out improperly. He encourages shop stewards to be vigilant in advocating for their carriers in accident-related grievances, and to question management’s “thorough investigation.”

In This Episode:  A carrier knocking a basketball goal over and breaking a mirror, and management’s dramatization in their report.

A carrier with a roll-away run-away who did not report it. Removal was revoked in arbitration due to the way management wrote up the PS Form 1769.

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