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From A to Arbitration is a comprehensive resource dedicated to providing valuable insights and practical guidance on the arbitration process, as well as education for city letter carriers regarding their rights, responsibilities, and duties. This website serves as a go-to platform for individuals and professionals involved in arbitration, offering detailed information, educational content, and resources on navigating the complexities of arbitration proceedings. 

The podcast is hosted by Corey Walton, a letter carrier of over 27 years and shop steward since 2006. Corey has served as a formal step A, an arbitration advocate, and the district NALC co-chair for the NALC and USPS safety task force. He has been on the National Safety Committee, participated in regional training, and conducted training sessions himself. 

It is the mission of this podcast and website to educate our brothers and sisters in the National Association of Letter Carriers as well as any other union’s members who can find value in such content, combat misinformation, provide up-to-date information to those involved, and assist with file building, information acquisition, and research. 

From A to Arbitration is no longer one man – it is a community of like-minded brothers and sisters fighting for what is right for all, through various channels of education, knowledge, and wisdom. 

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