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*************** Build a Fighting NALC – Online Petition in Support of the Open Bargaining Resolution ***************

Build a Fighting NALC is launching an online petition in support of the Open Bargaining resolution. 30 NALC branches and one NALC state association have passed the Open Bargaining resolution, with more in the process of discussing it in local meetings and state conventions coming up.

We want to go into the National Convention this August in as strong a position as possible to win the Open Bargaining resolution and transform the NALC’s position on contract negotiations. NALC members demand more transparency and openness, and we need a contract campaign that engages and mobilizes the members of our union to build leverage to win the gains we need in higher wages and better working conditions. 

Which is why, in addition to the dozens of branches who have passed the resolution, we’re launching this petition to get as many NALC members as possible engaged with the process of transforming our union. Please go to the link below to sign down in support, and share the link with all NALC members who want their voices to be heard. We also have a flyer attached that you can print out, and get all NALC members at your station and branch to sign down in support, so we can go into the convention with thousands of signatures of NALC members who demand Open Bargaining.

Link to online petition:                                                 Please print and post the flyer on all your Union bulletin Boards: Flyer with QR Code to Petition

We’re building real momentum for the Open Bargaining resolution, and have started a movement to transform our union, a movement to Build a Fighting NALC!

Register here for the next Build a Fighting NALC Zoom meeting on Sunday, June 2 at Noon central (10am pacific, 1pm eastern):

I’ll be leaving this weekend for a long planned trip with my girlfriend, and will be back May 26. If you have any questions about the petition or anything else, please reach out to Rob Darakjian, NALC member in Tri Valley, CA Branch 2902, and part of the Build a Fighting NALC movement. His email is

Local Resolutions to be heard at the 2024 NALC National Convention in Boston, MA

Open Bargaining Resolution – Template

  • Branch 2 – Milwaukee
  • Branch 3 – Buffalo/Western, New York – Open Bargaining Resolution
  • Branch 9 – Minneapolis
  • Branch 18 – SE Massachusetts
  • Branch 34 – Boston
  • Branch 41 – Staten Island/Brooklyn, New York
  • Branch 44 – New Hampshire Merged
  • Branch 68 – Ogden UT, “Golden Spike”
  • Branch 79 – Seattle
  • Branch 90 – Mankato, MN
  • Branch 136 – North Louisiana
  • Branch 173 – Oshkosh
  • Branch 201 – Wichita, KS
  • Branch 214 – San Fancisco
  • Branch 219 – Aurora, IL
  • Branch 274 – Lehigh Valley, PA
  • Branch 374 – North Little Rock
  • Branch 380 – Trenton, NJ
  • Branch 388 – St. Cloud, MN
  • Branch 419 – Knoxville
  • Branch 421 – San Antonio, TX
  • Branch 426 – Hamilton, OH
  • Branch 450 – Bellingham, WA
  • Branch 507 – Madison, WI
  • Branch 513 – Staunton, VA
  • Branch 671 – Champaign/Rantoul/Farmer City, IL
  • Branch 825 – Oakbrook, IL
  • Branch 916 – Eugene/Springfield, OR
  • Branch 1132 – Granite City/Madison/Venice, IL Merged
  • Branch 2200 – Pasadena
  • Branch 2560 – Asheboro, NC

State Association of Letter Carriers

  • Montana State Association of Letter Carriers

FED*UP with Ron Speakman Podcast – Created and Hosted by Ron Speakman

A podcast for federal employees who are FedUp with non-compliance and an unjust system. FedUp with being constantly mistreated, misinformed, and misrepresented. Hosted by a retired federal employee himself, who has been through it all, and who has helped many federal employees across this country, this podcast will talk about a wide range of common issues all federal employees continually face, in addition to giving federal employees a platform for their voices to be heard, and to share their stories and issues. Knowledge is power, and FedUp with Ron Speakman believes that all our stories need to be heard by all.

Creator and host, Ron Speakman (previously a city letter carrier for the USPS and now as a retired federal employee), has seen or been through it all, especially after he was injured on the job. As he was learning and fighting for justice from the mistreatment, misrepresentation, and misinformation of the agency and management, his own union, and even coworkers, he started helping us, his federal brothers and sisters from all over the country with their issues regarding their own on the job injuries. He knew just how lonely the journey could be, and he didn’t want anyone else experiencing what he had to endure. After a few years of helping others, he realized helping his brothers and sisters was his true calling, and that is why he created FedUp, a podcast that serves as a voice for those who are lost and struggling with their own fight. Ron assists those in need and provides a platform to share stories when no one else is listening. He is a true champion for the rights of government employees especially those who have been injured on the job and whose management personnel refuse to honor their duty to assist!!

Link to the shirts on Facebook

Link to FedUp Facebook Group

Link to FedUp Podbean website

Link to FedUp on Spotify

Link to FedUp on Apple Podcasts

Are you a federal employee going through a situation that has been constantly swept under the rug? Are you dealing with constant mistreatment from management, your union, or your agency? Do you feel stuck with nowhere to turn, and feel like no one is listening or helping you? Then FedUp is the podcast for you. We welcome you to share your stories, frustrations, and issues that make you, and why you are FedUp, in addition to listening to other people’s stories who are going through it just like you. Let your voice be heard, and remember, you are not alone!

To become a guest on our show, please email us at

Please include your name, federal agency for which you work, your craft and position within that agency, a brief description of what issue(s) you would like to discuss (OWCP, union, management, agency, etc.), and any phone number you want us to call if you prefer, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. As always, stay safe out there my friends.

“FedUp” with the status quo? Show it off with our T-shirts!

FedUp with Ron Speakman had Corey on the show for Episode 20. Go check it out, Corey was doing his thing and Ron was right there with him sticking his finger in management’s eyes. Make sure you download and listen to his podcast each week; he is an OWCP guru and is willing to help all our brothers and sisters out when they run into the idiocy management always seems to try and throw at us. Ron will be at the convention this year. Let’s show him some love and buy a shirt or two. How awesome would it be if everyone wore a From A to Arbitration shirt one day then wore a FedUp shirt the next day at the convention? What message would that send to our wayward national officers? Let’s make sure they hear the message loud and clear by banding together and throwing up our flags via our shirts at the convention!!!

Two training presentations were built and provided by Steve Hedgecock. Letter Carrier Perfect – Office and Letter Carrier Perfect – Street.  Thank you Steve for your hard work building these presentations!

Paula Arguello, from Sonoma, CA, has taken on a huge task for the podcast! Paula is building slides that summarize each episode for us to reference! Thank you so much for volunteering your time to help our brothers and sisters! The slides will be placed within each episode’s links and at the bottom of the Citations page under Episodes’ Summary Slides.

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