From A to Arbitration

Episode 16: Article 16.6 Indefinite Suspension-Crime Situation. The Power of Nexus

Corey explains Article 16.6 of the National Agreement, which deals with indefinite suspensions in crime situations. He explains that management can’t automatically put someone on indefinite suspension without giving them some notice. He also emphasizes the importance of a “nexus” or connection between the employee’s job and the crime for which they were arrested. He concludes by saying that carriers who are in trouble should reach out to their union or their attorney for help.

Non-specific references in this episode:

Corey references an arbitration where a carrier picked up a package for a customer that contained marijuana. The Postal Inspectors jumped him when he picked it up, and management put him on 16:7 emergency placement rather than 16.6 indefinite suspension crime situation. They did that because the quantum of proof in a 16.7 is much less than a 16.6. 

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