From A to Arbitration

Episode 15: Article 16.7 Emergency Procedure, Much More Than Just “Immediate”

Corey talks about Article 16.7: Emergency Placement. He emphasizes the importance of challenging emergency placements by filing grievances, highlighting four key areas of contention: immediacy (the action must be taken without delay), notification (the employee must be explicitly informed of the emergency placement), a detailed written charge, and the length of the placement (which cannot be indefinite). He supports his arguments with relevant arbitration cases and decisions, urging listeners to utilize this information to better defend themselves and their colleagues against potentially unjust actions by management.

C-10146 A&B: Defines what “immediate” is in cases of emergency placement.

C-24822: Determines the precedence and justification for emergency situations in a case where a carrier was put on emergency placement for not wearing a seatbelt – a situation that was not imminently dangerous.

C-30322: Shows that management failed to specify the reason for emergency placement in the charge.

C-32656: Highlights several instances where extended emergency placements were deemed improper. 


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