From A to Arbitration

Episode 8-2: Deems Desirable & Restricted Sick Leave

Corey discusses a specific type of attendance-related discipline, “deems desirable and restricted sick leave.” He points out that management often tries to circumvent the process by simply stating that the carrier was given a discussion about their absences, even if this isn’t accurate. He highlights the importance of challenging these claims by the shop steward, suggesting the use of the ELM (Employee and Labor Relations Manual) provision 513.361 to support their arguments. He encourages shop stewards to educate carriers about these regulations and to challenge any instances where a formal discussion wasn’t given.

Corey also encourages shop stewards to look for discrepancies between attendance records and the reasons for discipline. He emphasizes that the charge must be accurate and that the carrier must be given an opportunity to defend themselves against it, and reminds listeners that discipline must be corrective in nature.

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