From A to Arbitration

Attendance Discipline - The Case File

This is Part 2 of Attendance Discipline.  In this episode, we go through the process of building a winning case file.  I hope each of you gain something from the video.  We discuss:

  1. What needs to be in the case file
  2. We dissect the Letter of Warning and point out the flaws that we see
  3. The information that management failed to provide and how the grievant’s due process rights were violated
  4. The cites that will be used in our contentions
  5. What needs to be in the resolution and why

Here is a link to the Case File.  Here is a link to the Contentions.  Here are links to all the arbitration cites used in the contentions and managements’ guide to discipline: C-00239, C-02968, C-03231, C-07610, C-14470, C-16970, C-18017, C-93831 and ELM 921

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