From A to Arbitration

Attendance Discipline - The Investigative Interview

We got a little over the top but we had fun with it.  Hopefully you will get something out of the episode.  Be sure to coach your carriers before you go into an II.  If they say yes that they know what the sections of the handbooks and manuals are, it is hard for the advocate to get anything other than they knew the rules when it gets to arbitration.  In this episode, as the title reads, we conduct a mock Investigative Interview,  We discuss:

  1. We answer a few questions. If you have something to add, please post it on YouTube so everyone can learn.
  2. We discuss what should be done and what should not be done with respect to answering management’s questions in the II.
  3. We have a mock Investigative Interview on attendance using one of TN District’s templates.
  4. We show the Letter of Warning that is being issued to and discuss some of the arguments we will make.
  5. We also discuss the problems that occurred in the Investigative Interview.
  6. We discuss the Request for Information and Request for Steward Time.

You can view and download the Investigative Interview the Letter of Warning, the Rescinded Letter of Warning, the Doctor’s Note and the Requests by clicking on the links.  On next weeks episode, we will wrap up the building case file for the discipline issued to Hard Worker.

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