From A to Arbitration

Episode 4: Office of Inspector General and Postal Inspectors Investigation

Corey discusses the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and Postal Inspectors, highlighting their tendency towards dishonesty. He shares his experience with their investigations and argues that they often act on behalf of management with the aim of finding carriers guilty. He emphasizes that even though postal inspectors may seem intimidating, they are still bound by the contract and should be held accountable. He encourages shop stewards to be proactive and take detailed notes during any interactions with the OIG or postal inspectors, as these agencies are known for misrepresenting information. Corey suggests requesting the handwritten notes of the inspectors to ensure accuracy and to potentially raise an Article 17-31 grievance if needed. He reminds listeners that the carrier’s day in court is crucial and that they must be truthful and protected by the shop steward. He emphasizes that the shop steward needs to stand firm against intimidation tactics and advocate for the carrier’s rights.

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