From A to Arbitration

Episode 5: Discipline and the Request for Information

Corey explains what to do when a carrier receives discipline from management. The most important initial step is to have the carrier sign the disciplinary notice, as management has been known to use a carrier’s refusal to sign as a reason for discipline.

He then dives into the importance of requesting information during the informal Step A stage, stressing that the shop steward should request everything management used to issue the discipline, rather than waiting until later. This allows the steward to gather the necessary information and prepare a strong grievance. (Note from editor: When requesting any and all information used to issue discipline, you should only include information that helps your case OR information when management changes their stance. You don’t need to help management’s case in Formal A/Step B/Arbitration!).

Corey emphasizes that the shop steward should not rush to file a grievance immediately but should utilize the 14-day window to gather evidence and build a solid case. He emphasizes the importance of thorough research and understanding the nuances of the discipline process.

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