From A to Arbitration

Episode 1: Introduction

Corey Walton, a 27+ year city letter carrier and shop steward since 2006, introduces his podcast “From A to Arbitration” aimed at helping people navigate the grievance process in labor organizations. He discusses the various handbooks and manuals used in the grievance process, including the Joint Contract Administration Manual (JCAM), and the M-39 and M-41 handbooks related to city letter carriers. 

Corey outlines the topics he will cover, including the informal and formal steps of the grievance process, the role of the B-Team (the second level of the grievance process), and arbitration. He shares his personal experience as a shop steward and an arbitration advocate, emphasizing his dedication to understanding the grievance process and helping others. He also highlights his involvement in the NALC and USPS safety task force, regional training, and his commitment to being a resource for others in the field.

The podcast aims to provide valuable insights and guidance on the grievance process, particularly for new advocates, shop stewards, and those seeking to understand the intricacies of labor relations.

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